Our Story

Big RedOur basic philosophy is this:  Cows are grazing animals that naturally convert sunlight (stored in the grasses they eat) into food for our use. In return for this gift of life, it is our duty to provide for their well-being in a respectful, humane manner for the time they are with us and to harvest them in a merciful way.

With this philosophy in mind, we were inspired to create Prospect Farm, a natural, sustainable agricultural environment, free of chemical fertilizers, biosolid sludge or pesticides. Our herd does not receive artificial growth hormones, steroids, or routine antibiotics that are required when cattle are closely confined in feedlots for long periods.

Instead, here at Prospect Farm we rotate our steers through our botanically diverse pastures where they graze on a variety of grasses and legumes, offering them a self-selected balanced diet of virtually all the nutrients and trace minerals they need.  What essential minerals are not naturally available from the local soil we provide in the form of on-demand mineral feeders in all our pastures.

Long View Cows GrazingEach paddock on Prospect Farm offers ample hardwood forest on its fringe, providing our animals welcome shade from the summer sun and protection from winter’s winds.  Each field is supplied with continuous on-demand, freeze-protected waterers, so each animal has ample fresh, clean water year-round.

Blackeyed SusansAnd we believe contented, stress-free animals produce the best food, so we use low-stress handling techniques (as described by Dr. Temple Grandin) and spend lots of time with them in the fields.

That’s why we think you’ll agree that, in addition to the nutrients, vitamins, and energy that derive from our naturally raised beef, the rich, robust flavor can’t be matched by conventionally raised, confinement-based, grain-fed beef.

We like to think of our beef as an artisanal product, totally connected to the land, in tune with the weather, guided by the seasons, and dependent on the rhythms and variations of nature’s cycle of life.

So we invite you and your family to make an appointment to visit us here on the farm, take a tour, and see how your beef is being raised.  Prospect Farm lies on the border between Buckingham and Cumberland Counties in Central Virginia.  Wherever you live in Virginia, we’re not more than a few hours away, so you might say we’re your local farmer.  Hope to see you soon!

Constance Ober & Carlton Brooks

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