How to Order

Local grass-fed Virginia beef | Humanely raised and harvested

Our dry-aged beef is USDA inspected, vacuum-packed and frozen for freshness. We sell it as individual cuts, a “Grass-fed Beef Lover’s Package,” halves, and wholes.

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Virginia Grown

To insure it maintains its high quality, we do not ship our beef, but you can pick it up at the farm (it will also give you a chance to meet us and see where your food comes from), or we can sometimes make arrangements for delivery to you for a nominal fee.

A deposit is required upon placement of your order of a half or whole. We accept checks and money orders by mail.

If you compare prices with other grass-fed beef suppliers, be sure to note that Prospect Farm ONLY charges for the actual pounds of beef you receive, and you do not pay for the “hanging weight” or “carcass weight” which can be 45%  heavier than the amount of table-ready meat you will actually receive.

For individual cuts, please come to the farm. You can e-mail us and we’ll be glad to send you a current price list. Please note, not all individual cuts are available all the time. Your best option is to buy a half or whole for you and your family or friends to be sure you always have lean, healthy beef available when you want it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pounds of meat are in a half and whole beef?

Because each animal is unique and final weights can vary and you choose which cuts you want, we can only give you estimates of how much edible meat will come from each:

1 half: approximately 160-175 pounds of beef

Whole: approximately 350 pounds of beef

How much does a typical family eat?

Families of 2 – 4 people who eat about 3 pounds of beef a week will go through a half beef in about a year. A whole beef is more appropriate for larger families or if you want to “cow pool” and go in with family and friends. (Please be sure you agree on who gets what cuts before you order! We will provide the entire order and you are responsible for dividing up the meat after purchase.)

How much freezer space is required?

For a half:   8 cubic feet

For a whole:   16 cubic feet

Actual freezer space requirements will depend upon the cuts you receive

How long will it last in my freezer?

Our beef is vacuum-packed and will last about one year.

How soon can I pick up my beef if I order a half or whole?

When you order today you are reserving an animal in our herd. As a small farm, we do not carry large amounts of processed inventory and we want to insure that your beef is a fresh as possible before it is frozen. We will let you know as soon as possible how long it will take to process your order. Since we use a small, family-owned processor, we have to schedule in advance but we can usually fill orders in about 4 weeks.