Welcome to our Website

Prospect Farm is our family homestead, nestled on 170 rolling acres in the heart of Central Virginia.  We are committed to providing our customers with delicious and healthful 100% grass-fed, local, humanely raised and harvested beef.

Our heritage Devon and Black Angus/Devon-cross steers graze on sweet, nutrient-rich grasses and clover grown without chemical fertilizers, sewage sludge, or herbicides.  In addition, we never give our herd growth hormones, routine antibiotics, or by-product feed supplements.

We manage, rather than control, pests and weeds. And we’ve fenced off our pond and creeks, in accordance with state and federal soil and water conservation guidelines, to keep the streambeds clean as their waters flow from our farm toward the rivers and the Chesapeake Bay.

We sell our grass-fed/grass-finished beef to discerning customers who appreciate its good taste as well as its healthful benefits.  We offer beef halves and wholes through pre-orders so you can be sure to receive our beef and the cuts you prefer.  We also sell some cuts for our farm store here on the farm once harvest season begins.

We invite you to come visit us to see where your beef comes from and learn more about Prospect Farm.  Feel free to contact us to discover how you can begin enjoying the great taste and nutritious benefits of Prospect Farm beef.

Constance Ober & Carlton Brooks